Fast Food for Fat Loss, His and Hers Chili

It is that time of the year.  Fall is here.  Leaves are falling the temperature is falling.  Football is on.  No better weather for Chili.

Here is a quick easy recipe for Chili.

What you need:

Chili Seasoning

Ground Beef and Venison

One Onion


Your Favorite Hot Pepper


2 Cans of Tomato Sauce

Brown the beef and venison.  OK, this is called “His and Hers” chili because I am making some for my wife, beef, some for me, venison.

Drain the grease and put back on the stove.

Something different.  Dice, slice, or chop an onion.  Brown the onion.

Follow the directions on the chili packet.  Add the onions and some garlic too.

As a bonus to the “His” chili one of these screaming hot peppers was washed, cored and added hole to simmer in the pot.

One for her and one for him.

Dinner is served.

Great meal that give left overs for a few days!

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