Low Carb Egg, Vegetable, Chicken, and Sausage Wrap-Eat by Color Style!

CaptureLow carb, egg, vegetable, sausage wrap.  Here is the best part.  I used left overs.  Better part this took no time to make AND it is highly portable to so great to eat on the on the go.  It is also a great spin on a wrap for lunch.


Vegetables (left over broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower basically a California blend)

Grilled Sausage (left over)

Rice (quinoa or cous cous will work too and yes this was a leftover)

Grilled Chicken (another left over)

Flat Out Wrap (the flax flavor are my favorite.  I can not say enough about these they are high fiber and taste great)


Olive OilIMG_1330

Toss everything except the wrap in to a flying pan with some olive oil.  Everything has already been cooked so just warm every thing up in the pan.  In a second frying pan scramble some eggs.  You can go two to three egg whites to one whole egg to drop the calories or macros if you are so inclined.

Add to a Flat Out.

IMG_1333 Capture2

Top with salsa, hot sauce, or what ever floats your boat.  This is a great low carb, high protein, high fiber, vegetable, sausage, and chicken wrap!






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