Shish-Ka-Bob, original Dragobobs!


Summer is coming to an end.  What better way to end summer than with the season favorite.  Shish-kabobs!  Better yet, the real-deal, original party in your mouth Dragobobs!  Never had them…click the link and get some.  They have been a favorite of the Chicago south side Hegewish neighborhood for decades.   How did I get them?  Well I know a guy…better yet the guy.  🙂

Ka-bobs are a great year round food, as long as you are willing to brave the elements.  This example is the original Dragobobs.  (You can also get them in chicken breast, if you want the healthiest option.)

Here is the prep…insider secret seek out the bamboo skewers as they do not splinter.


IMG_2783 IMG_2785

I skewered some vegetables to go with the pork.  “My guy” said via text that my meat is too close together…whatever that means…and that it will cook a bit longer.    Normal cook time is about 15 minutes on medium or 350-400.  Apparently the skewing directions can be found HERE on their facebook page. 


After the grill the skewers get dipped in here (a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice…exact IMG_2787ratio I am not sharing), and then ready to eat.  The vegetables will also be basted with this before going on the grill.








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