Lose Weight with Your Leftovers




A few months ago chicken was getting boring.  Boring as in no interest to prepare or eat chicken at home.  Funny but ordering chicken at a restaurant was not boring. 

Eat enough of the same foods often enough and this will happen.  I used to think I was different and this did not apply to me.  Then it happened with tuna and now chicken. 

The fix, get creative.

To spice things up I started grilling a bunch of chicken, nothing new with the grilling chicken part.  Then put it in the fridge overnight.  Next day for dinner I slice the chicken thin.  Great on sandwiches (better than a high end deli meat…plus next time you are at the deli counter look at the chicken breast and wonder what type of chicken has a perfectly rectangular breast?), in salads, or sautéed in olive oil.

Before we get into the food prep let’s talk leftovers.  There are a few benefits to left overs that are easily overlooked.

1)  They are fast, you already cooked them.

2)  If you eat them you cut back on wasted food.

3)  Cheaper than eating out.

4)  You can Lose Weight with Your Leftovers.

In summary, your left overs are fast, convenient, can save you money, and can help you lose weight.

Chicken sautéed in olive oil.

What you need

  • Chicken, grilled the night before or fresh off the grill
  • Tomatoes, from your garden if you can
  • Garlic, fresh pressed or take the lazy route from a jar or shaker
  • Spices, anything interesting from the spice cabinet, get CRAZY with the spices
  • Olive Oil



Slice the chicken

Add oil to sauce pan and apply heat

Add chicken, sliced tomatoes and spice

In minutes you are done.

I made this for my wife and me last night after a long day.  It was about 9 PM and I worked with what we had in the fridge and the garden.  Start to dishes in the dish washer took less than 20 minutes.  This would have been better with spinach, parmesan cheese, and some fresh mozzarella cheese.  

How do you lose weight with leftovers?  Use “Eat by Color” as a guide to come up with your leftover food combinations, then get creative.  “If you can paint by number you can ‘Eat by Color’ to lose weight!”   Get your two free chapters of “Eat by Color” today!~

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