13 Year Olds Inspire Parents and Siblings



I own and operate a health club, FitWorkz and also a sports performance training center Athletic RepublicIn the two I have had the chance to work with hundreds, possibly thousands.  Most have used “Eat by Color” to lose weight or get in better shape.  A few dozen are Division One college or professional athletes in need of maximum recovery from workouts use a version of “Eat by Color”  to do so.

Then there are the club athletes that travel.  These athletes often play more than one sport and are on a travel team for a club.  Constantly on the go is the norm for them.   I remember the first club athlete I worked with.  She played volleyball for her high school and for a traveling club. 

I remember the call from her mom.

“Hi I need help my daughter is in high school and is going to play college volleyball.  I have no idea what she should be eating.”

I pushed the cynic in me back, and asked mom when they could come in for a meeting.  Mom and daughter stopped by a few days later.  When they walked in my first thought was yep that girl is going to play college volleyball.  She was every bit of 6’4”, only a sophomore.

I taught both how to BE PREPARED regardless of schedule, small meals, snacks, portable meals, and how to eat at any restaurant.  Even when her day looked like:  workout, school, school practice, then off to club she was prepared to make the best food decisions and had plenty of food and healthy snacks packed for the day.  Today this young lady plays Division I volleyball.

Recently I was contacted by some highly motivated parents putting a traveling baseball team together.   They asked if we could train the entire team in Athletic Republic and if I could help them with nutrition.   Yes and Yes. 

The 13U Sycamore Sultans train in Athletic Republic.  The entire team. Way cool!  More cool, they are not just training but using “Eat by Color” to maximize recovery from their workouts.  No dieting just a bunch of 13 year old baseball players making better food decisions.  The grind on athletes is brutal; it gets worse when not eating right.  These kids are eating right, and the combination of first class Athletic Republic training and “Eat by Color” nutrition will be something to watch on the ball field in the coming months.  The Sultans will be the team that does NOT hit the fast food place come tournament time. 

Taking things full circle (I take no credit for that line as I stole it from a group of Sultan’s parents), the Sultan’s have inspired their families.  Many of the families have joined FitWorkz and are exercising when the team is training.  I see the son go and train with his team, mom, dad and sister go exercise in Fitworkz.  Going a step further entire families are now making better food decisions with “Eat by Color.” 

Sultan’s parents recently shared the following:

“We as a family are now exercising.”

“My kid does not want to eat junk food anymore.”

“Some of us parents car pool to get the kids here.  I was shocked to hear the 13 year old boys talking about food and eating better to be a better athlete.  A couple of these kids used to be picky eaters.”

If a 13 year old travel baseball team can lead, inspire and set the example for their families, what can you do?  When are you going to do it?

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