At Home Training with Ruck or Loaded Back Pack

At Home Training with a Ruck or Loaded Back Pack

The basic Programming is about the same.

In this case.

  • Squat
    Swing for Metabolic

Ruck or Back Pack Squat

Ruck or Back Pack Lunge

Ruck or Back Pack Pushup

Ruck or Back Pack Crunch

Ruck or Back Pack Swing

Add to
Heavy Carry carrying the pack in one hand. Think about all of the bags of groceries on one hand. Walk 10 yars or meters and the same back. Repeat with both sides.

Weighted Planks

  • 3 Sets 30-60 Seconds
  • 3-5 Sets of 10-20 Reps will get the Job Done!

If you have an old but decent quality back pack at home you can load it with books.

Perfect? No…. but if you are repurposing stuff at home it is FREE.

If you have a ruck sack or what to go buy one even better.

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