3 Facts about the Health Care Bill Affecting You!




As the owner of a gym, author and personal trainer I have received a few questions in the last week regarding the health care bill.  Things like “What does it mean for fitness?”  “What does it mean for small business?”  “Is there a benefit for the health care industry by way of the government getting people memberships?”

This allowed me to sit back and think.  What do I really know about the health care bill?   Remove bias and opinion.  Try and cut out what the media and pop culture want us to think.  What is left?  Not much.  I realized I really only know three things:

3 Facts about the Health Care Bill and What it Means for You!

1)      It is long, and no you probably have not read most, yet alone all of it.

2)      There is no way the government, your employer or any insurance company will put your needs before theirs.

3)      The only one in direct control of your health care is, YOU!

A cursory Google search for “how many pages in the healthcare bill” reveals that there are over 2,000 pages in the health care bill.  Depending on website, you get a varying number of pages.  The average seems to hover near 2,000 pages.   When was the last time you read 2,000 pages of something you liked yet alone something like the health care bill?  You haven’t and neither have I.  Worse, how likely is it the politicians have read it?

Government, employers and the insurance companies are just now starting to recognize and agree there is a problem with health care.  Great!  About time.  Now are they concerned for you the citizen or employee or for themselves?  Their needs will go before yours and mine.

The buck stops with you.  The bottom line is your health is up to you.  No one care more about your health than you.  The best and least expensive medicine known to man (and ever to be known to man) is preventative medicine.  If you live a healthy lifestyle (make better food decisions and exercise) you are less likely to get sick and when you do will recover much faster.

In the end some type of health care reform is going to happen.  Maybe it is a bill, law, tax, mandate, gift, or whatever.   The shape is yet to be seen.  It will be decades before we have a real understanding of its impact.

The GREAT news.  We know, today, that a healthy lifestyle works.   Be your own best advocate for your health.   Invest in your health every day.  The decisions to eat right and exercise are FREE!  We know they work.   Need some free help making that investment in your health?  Click Here!

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