No Need to Skip Breakfast with these 5 Breakfasts in 5 Minutes!

5 Breakfasts in 5 Minutes

5 Breakfasts in 5 Minutes



I just made breakfast for the entire work week in less than 5 minutes and so can you.

A few weeks ago I saw posts on facebook for cold oatmeal that you made in the fridge over night.  This is something I had done years ago as it is a great way to have fast, easy meals ready to go when you get up in the morning.  The problem with what I was seeing on facebook is that most of the suggested recipes were overloaded in carbs and sugar.

So I thought why not share some really easy, low sugar and high protein ways to do this.

So here you go.

Here is the recipe:

1/2 Cup of oatmeal, I used the quick oat variety and you can use the steal cut, slow cook but personally I see NO benefit in doing so

2 scoops of protein powder, I like the UMP from Beverly International

Cinnamon, the pure ground not sugar added kind

Mix dry ingredients in your bowls.  Now, add water to one of the bowls and place in the fridge.  This is your breakfast for tomorrow.  Tomorrow night, grab the next bowl, add water…you get the idea.

Calories 370

Carbs about 30 grams

Protein about 40 grams

Fat about 2 grams

Want to get real crazy?  Add some fresh berries, nuts, or even flax seed.

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