5 Minutes to a GREAT Side Dish, Because YOU Do have 5 Minutes

5 Minutes to a Side Dish

5 Minutes to “Eat by Color” Side Dish

So a week or so back one of my “Eat by Color” custom nutrition client had mentioned she was eating shredded cabbage as a salad.  This is a great way to replace carbs/starches at dinner!

I thought boy it had been a while since I bought cabbage or even shredded lettuce.   So I bought some of the weekend.

What do do with it though?  Put it in the fridge and wait.  Last night I was making dinner and noticed some of the infused olive oil.  It got me thinking…maybe I should make a coleslaw out of the cabbage.  I needed something fast, easy and that could be put together while watching my little ones.  Done.

"Eat by Color" * Cole SlawIngredients

1 Bag of Cabbage

1/4 Cup Honey Ginger Balsamic Vinegar

3 TBS Organic Lime Olive Oil

2 TBS Sugar

Dash of Salt

Put the cabbage in a bowl.  Add the sugar and the salt, I do this now as the liquids will wash them over the cabbage.  Next up the oil and then finally the vinegar.  Now here is the best part, involve the kids!  My 3 year old helped with everything but measuring the oil as I used an actual spoon.  Everything else she did.

Mix.  I used a real tupperware bowl with a lid that can be securely put on, then shook vigorously.  Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes and serve.  While it was in the fridge I made the rest of dinner.

This made 5-6 servings.

Fat 5g

Carbs 8g

Protein 1g


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