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The first of a couple seasonal squash recipes.  There are a ton of things you can do with squash.  Best part, the whole thing is edible…even the seeds (seeds will be in their own post and recipe.)  Before we get to the acorn squash recipe.  How about taking a look at getting the family out of the house this fall and moving.

This is a great time of the year to get out with the family and have some seasonal fun.  Check out Johnson’s farm.  Corn maze, pumpkins, animals, gords, local, and affordable.   If you have kids, involve them!  Kids love being outdoors doing fun fall stuff.  Don’t stop there.  Get them involved in the kitchen.  My daughter helped make the squash in this recipe.  She learned how to prep and make the dish…and that food does not have to come out of a box or a bag.



1-2 Acorn Squash

Olive Oil

Salt (Kosher, course is best)
Black Pepper

Garlic Salt

Parmesan Cheese

IMG_2857Wash the squash.  Cut in half length wise.  Then use a large spoon to remove the seeds.  Remember keep the seeds because you can eat those too.

Preheat oven to 400.   Baste top and bottom of the squash with olive oil.  I used one of those fancy basting brushes.

Place face down on foil covered cookie sheet.  Put cookie sheet into the oven for 25-40 minutes.  They are done when soft and a fork or knife can easily push into them.


Remove from the oven.  Flip over.  Dust with salt, pepper, and parmesan.  Even the skin is edible.



The finished product if you will.  If you like the skin eat it.  If not use your fork or spoon and spoon out the soft inside.  Note: Even the one year old enjoyed these at dinner.



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