At 55 I Feel Better Than Ever

At 55, I feel better than I ever have in my life, but it has not always been this way.  Most of my adult life was living on a diet and exercise roller coaster, with my weight fluctuating up and down over the years.  But with the right mindset and hard work, I have lost over 50 poundsand made it my life mission to achieve and maintain the best health possible.  After making changes in exercise and nutrition, I was able to achieve a new level of fitness that I previously thought impossible.






Enough is Enough


From my 20’s to my mid 40’s I lived on a roller-coaster ride of yoyo dieting.  Like a lot of women, my weight had fluctuated throughout the years.  At my high I weighed 173 pounds.






A Wake-Up Call


At one point I landed in the ER.  I was told I had a heart attack.  After meeting with a cardiologist, it was revealed that it was not a heart attack, but it was a serious wake up call.  If I was going to see my kids grow up, I had to make some real lifestyle changes.  Both of my kids were in scouts, I wanted to start engaging physically in life again.  I loved the outdoors and I wanted to participate in the physical challenges alongside them.



Change is a Process and does not happen overnight


It did not happen over-night or involve an all at once lifestyle change.  It was a process of learning, adding on, and evolving my activity level and nutrition.  Getting fit is a very long process of adding strength, building muscle fibers, and shedding fat.


First you have to have a CAN-DO mindset.   After mindset the right tools are needed to achieve the body you want.  I had to build muscle, strength and endurance. This allowed me to burn fat until the point that I wanted to maintain.  A steady combination of the right types of exercises, diet and rest days I found were keys to success.


Nutrition is also a mindset. I found the word “carbs” is not a bad word.  The right balance of carbs, fats and protein is necessary.  Some days are a challenge, but it’s just part of the journey.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and some day’s you just need to enjoy life by treating yourself to something unhealthy.  It’s not the end of the world.  You just enjoy it, not stress over it and get back to business the next day.


How has being stronger made your life better?  Not just the bathing suit before and after…. life! Confidence, esteem, relationships, career, school, and healthy?


In my 50’s now, I feel and look better than I have my whole life.  I have accomplished amazing things going from overweight and stuck in midlife spread to being where I am now.  Everything is better by living a healthier lifestyle from more confidence to do the things I want to do and better relationships with people.  I have also learned that taking care of yourself is a priority not a self-indulgence. If you want to be a better person and help other people, you have to start with yourself.


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