Baja Mango Salsa

Baja Mango Salsa



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Baja Mango Salsa, This is a great spin on Salsa. Best served with fish… we would have used it on Mahi Mahi or Wahoo…but living in the Midwest the pickings were crazy slim at the fish counter. So we used chicken. ☺

3 Mangos
2 Roma Tomatoes
1 Bunch of Cilantro
1 Fresh Lemon
1 Fresh Lime
Pink/Himalayan Salt
Red Onion (half)
Grapefruit (juice of ¼)




Wash everything. Dice the mangos and tomatoes. Chop the cilantro. Quarter each the lemon and lime. Combine everything in a large bowl and squeeze juice from lemons and limes. Let sit over night in the refrigerator. Use a topping on chicken or fish tacos. Can also be used with tortilla chips in place of regular salsa.

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