BBQ Chicken Flat Bread

I made this at home and so can you in minutes! Meal planning, recipe and cook book coming soon! Get a sneak peek at some of the recipes.
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. 8 Ounces Chicken Breast (left overs)
. 6 TBS BBQ Sauce (get the low carb/sugar if you please)
. 1 Cup Shredded Cheddar
. 1 TBS Olive Oil
. 2 High-Fiber Wraps
Low carb. High protein. High fiber. Save time by using left over chicken. Kids love them! What
more can you ask for? Put foil on a cookie sheet, this saves time at clean up. Coat the foil with olive oil.
Set oven to 350-375F. Slice the chicken thin. Place the chicken on the wrap. Spread some BBQ sauce. Top with cheddar cheese. Cook for 12-15 minutes or until the wrap is crispy. Bonus, you can control the BBQ sauce or go with low carb and go easy on the cheddar…this will drop the calories, carbs, and fat.



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