Best Pre Workout Ever!


Really another debate and more questions from those new or returning to exercise about the best pre workouts?

Are you kidding?

Here is a SECRET.. the preworkout is not going to make the workout. Showing up and working hard consistently is going to make the difference.

Yet, many want to ask for the best pre workout instead of getting in the gym and not just exercising. That time you just spent asking about pre workouts is time wasted... that could have been spent training.

Some are also wasting time comparing Caffeine anhydrous to Caffeine.

Really? Go train.



Here is how we used to do it... Coffee + Music + Hard Work = Great Results

The devices evolved from the walk man to the disc man to the MP3 player to the iPod and eventually iPhone.... the secret remained unchanged.


Coffee + Music + Hard Work = Great Results





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Ray Binkowski is the former owner of a hybrid training gym, author (all of his titles are on Amazon), and trainer. He has lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for over 15 years. He has worked with thousands including professional athletes, police/fire/military, physique competitors, even corporations like 3M, and most often people looking to make a long term change in health, wellness, and weightloss.


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