Eat by Color Chicken Surprise

This recipe is a favorite of mine and my husband.  It’s quick and easy to make so it makes a great weeknight meal plan.  The best part about this recipe is you can make as much or as little as you want, and you can add any spices or seasoning you want to make it your very own; hence why it’s called a “surprise”, because even if you use the same ingredients, it will taste a little different each time, but just as delicious as the previous time.  I make this once a week, but enough to last me all week; at least one meal a day.


1 package fresh chicken breasts (I buy the big pack from Walmart: usually has between 6-8 chicken breasts in it)

Peanut, Grape seed, Olive, or Coconut Oil (amount will vary on how much chicken you’re making; 2 TBS per 6 oz of chicken is a good measurement)

Spices, seasonings, and/or herbs of your liking!  *Stick to Mrs. Dash seasonings if you can; also anything with spice is good!*

Minced garlic (optional)

Chicken Surprise 2



Add in the cooking oil of your choice (peanut, grape seed, coconut, or olive oil) into a pan (I prefer using a wok but it’s not mandatory).  Cut your chicken breasts into cubes.  Add into your pan with your cooking oil.  Put on the stove and start it up.

Chicken Surprise 1


At this time, add in your minced garlic (optional).  Let the pan and oil heat up a bit, then you may stir your chicken around.  At this time, add in some of your spices and seasoning.  Let the chicken cook for a few minutes, then stir again.  Add a few more of your spices and seasonings, let it sit in the chicken for a few minutes, then stir again.  Repeat this process depending on how many spices and seasonings you are adding, and how much of each you are adding.  Don’t let the chicken cook too much otherwise it’ll dry out.  Once you’ve added everything you want, you are done.

I normally top this on a salad, and add some sliced almonds for a crunch.  The chicken also pairs well with brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato, and veggies.  A great way to incorporate chicken into your Eat by Color lifestyle!

Chicken Surprise 3

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