Diet Secrets so you can Have Your Alcohol, Wine and Beer


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Diet Secrets about Alcohol,Beer, and Wine


***Author’s comment….  some will wonder why this is on and why a trainer would talk about this and what it has to do with weightloss, health and fitness…  I get asked about alcohol from probably 2/3s of the clients we work with.  So it is worth talking about.

A few years ago I had a former member of my health club contact me on the phone.  She was interested in training and rejoining because her twentieth wedding anniversary was coming up.  For the anniversary her and her husband were going on a vacation and he thought it she could easily wear a bikini.   She wanted to know if I thought she could wear a bikini in less then five months for vacation. My answer sure.

She was concerned I had not seen her in years.  I responded that first you have to believe it is possible to comfortably wear the bathing suit.  If you do not believe it, it will not happen.  Second, come in and let’s come up with an intelligent plan to get you in a two piece for your vacation.

We met and set up a plan. She was going to train with our staff three times a week and follow an Eat by Color nutrition plan.  Her next concern was alcohol.  She wanted know if she had to give up having a few glasses of wine.  The answer surprised her and may you as well, no.  See most people including our returning member now client have some many small opportunities to do food better.  Making small improvements combined with the right exercise can yield huge results.

Fast-forward a few months. Our client confidently and comfortably went on vacation and wore the two-piece bathing suit.

When it comes to alcohol, if you want it have it, just not all the time.  Do the little things with nutrition better.  Get 2-4 days a week of consistent exercise (preferable with weights).  If you are making progress and have the occasional drink it will not matter.  If you are not making progress then the drinks might have to go.

Should you drink vodka because you heard it is the lowest carbs or calories?  If that is what you want to drink then yes.  If not, you are better off just having what you enjoy. Again just do not go overboard.

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Ray Binkowski is the Owner of Fitworkz, DeKalb, a 24 hour hybrid fitness trainingcenter, author of several fitness and health books and the producer and host of the OCB Midwest States bodybuilding and fitness competition.  Most importantly to us, he is an expert on functional fitness that has consulted military, law enforcement, tactical entities, professional athletes and people from all walks of life to optimizing their physical readiness and capabilities.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University and various fitness certifications.  He is also a husband, father and loyal dog owner who does not appreciate clowns. 


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