Don’t let your before become your after, after.


Don’t let your before become your after, after.    Read that again and ponder it a bit.



Another year is ending and it has already started.  The posts, commentary and gym joining and gym returning by the masses.  Funny thing is this happens every year .   Everyone setting themselves for early spring failure…and the after looking more like the before only slightly heavier.


10 Reasons this Happens


  • Training like a bodybuilder planning to get on a stage.
  • Taking a short toward approach to eating, in other words a diet
  • Planning to go to the gym everyday in the new year, it is NOT going to happen you do NOT have that much time
  • Lots of cardio…
  • Getting distracted by that new shiny thing over there
  • Eliminating entire food groups
  • Cutting calories lower and lower and lower
  • Failing to pick up heavy things
  • Consistently doing the work
  • Buying in to the NEW multi level marketing fat-loss health gimic


Training like a bodybuilding six days per week works.  If you eat like a bodybuilder and have six days per week to train.  Most don’t.  If you want to get on stage different story.


Starting another short term approach to eating, or diet.  It does not matter what it is if you can not do it forever most of the results you achieve will not stick around for ever.   FYI Keto is not new… even if it is new to you it has been around since the 1920s…. and it is just making its return no matter how new you think it is… it just making a return from a hiatus since the 90s and in some ways a revised version of Atkins from the early 70s.  All you Atkins folks found the weight you lost on Atkins so you already know this will not work.


You are not going to go to the gym everyday.  If you are over 28 years of age, have kids, a job, a career or any other adult responsibilities you do not have that kind of time to go to the gym.  If you can make it 10-12 times per month you will be successful.  Industry data suggest adults can make time for the gym 8-10 times per month.  At our club it is 10-12.


Lots of cardio… cardio is never going to go away. The secret to reaching your goals is not cardio based.


Oh hey a new gym, pilates studio, home video or anything else is not the secret either.


Eliminating entire food groups like fat (tried en masse in the 90s and we did not end up heart healthy or skinny) or carbs.  If you can not go the rest of your life with out ever eating it again you have a short term approach to the rest of your life.


Cutting calories lower and lower and lower.  Every yo-yo diet starts right here.


There is no getting around some type of load bearing activity.

Failure to consistently show up  and do the work.  There is no skipping out on the work.


Multi level marketing is not a pyramid scheme.  Great. Being your own boss part time is cool if that is what you are into (focusing and investing more time on career will pay greater dividends) is great. Required to reach your goals… nope. In fact look at all of the people selling wraps a few years ago… then selling the stickers and patches…and what are they selling now?


There is a better way. Instead of  another diet and obsessing over food focus on getting strong and healthy. Plan to exercise three times per week for about an hour.  Get off the benches and machines and learn to do functional movements.   Consistently week in and week out show up and do the work, and remember you are going to have to work.  Skip the multi level marketing products…not because they are a pyramid scheme… but because they do not work.


If you want your before to be your next after’s after… well let’s be honest the after’s after will pick up a few bonus pounds and inches…Do what you did past.


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