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People are dropping pounds with “Eat by Color.”  Joe has lost 20 lbs. since just after the New Year. From Elizabeth “Hi Ray, Thank you for checking in! I lost 2 lbs. so far, but 1-1/2″ from my butt and 1” from my waistline.”  Sabrina shared she likes the simplicity of the program and meals.  Dana asked if “Eat by Color” would help a trucker that is trying to eat right.  Heck yeah it will.  This reminded me of when I worked for a living.  (Join the discussion and share your experience.)


 I was an engineer, sales engineer, and sales manager and this required travel to small town USA and as far as China.  A few times a month I went to Mississippi.  Chicago Midway to Jackson Mississippi, into a rent a car and south from the airport for two hours threw the pine belt to Hattiesburg.

My customer molded plastic for the appliance industry and some of your appliances have parts molded there.   I will never forget one of my first trips to Hattiesburg. I was going to be meeting with management; I dressed to impress…suit and wing tips.  I arrived and asked for the Operation Manager.  He came out, shook my hand, and said “Don’t dress like that.  You have everyone in the plant nervous.  Plus, its 96 degrees out.  Let’s walk the plant, you can meet the folks, and then go to lunch.  We got great barbeque down the road.”

I ditched the tie and jacket in his office then walked the plant.  We walked the plant, met some of the people, and left for lunch.  We headed down the road.  In minutes we pulled off at what looked like a gas station.  “We’re here.  You are going to love the barbeque.”  He said.

We went in.  There was a giant jar of pickles on a counter and a few tables.  Barbeque, hmmm….where are the grills…and where are the menus.  Apparently barbeque meant slow cooked/smoked pulled pork.  Giant pickles a side.  They did have canned pop,  no diet.  Eerily similar to Belushis bit in the Billy Goat episode of Saturday Night Live..”No fries, chips…NoCoke, Pepsi….”  Pickles were on my diet, so I had two.  I did not try the pulled pork and most definitely offended the Operations Manager.

That was 12 years ago.  Back then I would try and mold, pun intended, life around diet.  Today I know that does not work.  In “Eat by Color” I wrote “if you really want something have it, life is too short.”  Life is too short.  Live, experience life, and get back on track the next day or meal.

Dana reminded me what it used to be like on the road.  My experience traveling helped me write the sections on portable meals and snacks in “Eat by Color.”  Today with a little planning, knowledge, and effort you can make great food choices on the go.  Gas station convenience stores have great options, even a Subway connected to them.  Every fast food place now offers a grilled chicken salad.

Great choices on the go

Grilled chicken sandwich

Grilled chicken, fish, or steak salad

Mixed nuts


Protein bars

Single serving containers of Greek yogurt

String cheese

Beef or turkey jerky

Protein shakes

Of course pickles 

I scored brownie points later at the plant in Hattiesburg.  A few workers always called me Yankee.  One trip they were eating some type of hog brain meat loaf on white crackers.  They wanted to know if Yankee would partake.  Why not, I tried it, and was in.  Never did try the barbeque, a shame as it probably was incredible. 



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