Eating to Lose Weight in Minutes!

Do you want to be successful at losing weight and getting in shape?  Good news with a little help and info the steps are the same as they are to be good at anything.  Set a goal, plan, prepare and execute your plan.  That is all fine and dandy but you are busy like everyone else.  Who has the time to set goals and make plans?

Here is a fast on the go recipe.

Left Over Chicken off the grill (click here for another great recipe.)

Cucumber (I got my from the garden)

Plain Greek Yogurt (we like the Chobani, great replacement for sour cream)

Tortillas (truth be told these are regular, white flour and not the best but I worked with what I had)

Plate (you have to put the food on something J )


Slice the chicken

Peel the cucumber and slice

Put both on a tortilla and top with yogurt.


Done in minutes.

***Salsa would have been great on this, but  we were out so I hit them with some hot sauce.

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