Healthy Protein Waffle Recipe-Eat by Color Style!

CaptureKids love these and so will you.  Healthy, protein waffles you can make at home.  Why buy them at the store?  Store bought are high in carbs, sugar, preservatives and price.  Why not teach your kids about healthy eating and get them involved in the kitchen?






Beverly International UMP

Oatmeal or Pancake Batter


2 Eggs

Combine in a blender bottle….2 scoops of the UMP, 1 cup of the pancake batter (see box for instructions you are going to swap about half of the powder for UMP.)  Add water per box instructions.  Toss in both eggs.   Shake in the blender bottle.  You want a thick cake batter or cookie consistently poor into the waffle iron and you are done.  It is not uncommon for me to make 30 waffles and freeze most them.  Toss in the toaster and your kids have a great breakfast.



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