How I Got Promoted 3 Times in 1 Year!

Everyone has a story. Mine started many years ago, after having 3 kids in 6 years. I was 190lbs with 43% body fat. I got home every day to 3 kids under the age of 5.  At the time they demanded every bit of energy from me. I was tired. Always tired.


At night, I couldn’t sleep because heartburn would flare up.  The heartburn got so bad, I had to seek medical attention. The doctor prescribed medication. I took it, put it in my medicine cabinet and a light bulb moment happened. I told myself that I was tired of being tired and I will not take that medication.


The following day, I went to the gym to get an assessment. I already knew what they were going to say….I needed to lose weight.


I started with cardio. In the first week, I lost 5 lbs. No change in diet yet. I was elated. I started reading about eating right and started working on my diet. The weight continued to fall. I then hired a trainer. Weights incorporated with cardio did wonders. I did this for about a year….but something happened. The weight stopped dropping.


Yes, I hit a plateau. This plateau lasted for months. And it happened over a couple of years.  Why? I was doing the same thing over and over again. I did what I thought was weird..i ate more. Yes, more…I was lifting more, and I needed more fuel. That was the trick, weight started dropping.


My body morphed to the point, that I was encouraged to compete. A scary proposition for me. A person who’s never worn a bikini, never wore heels higher than 2.5 inches, and loose skin on my belly. There were lots of excuses. I was very uncomfortable with the whole idea.  But, I learned long ago that magic happens outside my comfort zone.


In my 40th year of life, I competed. I placed 5th. Mission accomplished. But the idea of competing again totally scared me. I did not again until I was 48 in 2016. In the 8 years between competing I got my personal training certification and became a nutrition wellness specialist. I wanted to help other people. I became my clients’ motivation. Change was happening still.


Due to my improved health, I do not go to the doctor because I am sick, instead I go for prevention.  Mentally I am more confident.  I started to speak up more in meetings at work. As a result, was promoted 3 times in one year!  People started asking me how I got promoted so many times in such a short amount of time. I was a healthier and more confident person inside and out.  I also have noticed that I am attracting the right people in my life.  People that can challenge me to grow and continue to improve.


Has my journey ended? No! It continues. It morphs. And my physique? Continually changing and evolving. I’ll be turning 50 this year and my body has never been better. I look like I’m in my 30s. THIS is my lifestyle forever.

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