How to Kick Start Your Health, Wellness and Weightloss with those Ten Simple Steps

How to Kick Start Your Health, Wellness and Weightloss with those Ten Simple Steps

Kick Start Your Health, Wellness, and Weightloss with these Ten Simple Steps


Excerpt from the book Exercise Galore, The Beginners Guide to Weight Training.


There is a great deal of information in this book on exercise. Over one hundred exercises, explanations, pictures, and videos demonstrations. There are results producing training programs in the Appendix. Everything you need to reach your goals and create a lifestyle of health, wellness, and weightloss. Unfortunately, this book will do nothing for you if you do not execute. In other words you have to take action to make it happen.

Action starts with a goal and reason. There is no skipping this step. Check out the action plan or steps below to jump-start the process.

  1. Find Your Reason, there has to be a WHY
  2. Set a Goal and Write it Down
  3. Get a Plan, “Eat by Color”
  4. Make Sure you Can Execute the Plan for the Rest of Your Life
  5. Tell the World, Leverage the Power of Social Media
  6. Join a Group, Again Leverage the Power of Social Media
  7. Accomplish a Big Change by Slowly Adding up Small Changes
  8. Resistance Training is a Must, 2-3 Hours a Week of the RIGHT Training will do
  9. You Probably Don’t Need Cardio, Seriously You Don’t
  10. If You have been Successful at Something in Your Life, Retrace Your Steps and Apply to your Health, Wellness, and Weighloss and you will Find Success

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