I Have Lost 80 Pounds and have Confidence I Never Had Before

Time for Change

Kim Crazythunder

My breaking point was being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 5 years ago. My liver and kidneys were failing.  If I did not change my bad habits I would need mediation and dialysis. I made a deal with my doctor to give me some time to change my life around.  I didn’t want to go on any medications or dialysis at 25.


I quit smoking cold turkey and drastically changed my eating habits while fighting cravings.  My blood sugar was checked all the time and learned to meal plan. It was frustrating, I was way out of my comfort zone. There were times I felt completely sick.   My body was detoxing the chemicals I was putting in it for so many years.

I have tried MANY different diets and exercise programs. Some worked, some didn’t. It’s constant work. I learned what worked for me and when to change something in my diet or workouts. I did research and trial and error.

My Plan for Change

For exercises I did 2 hours of cardio 6 days a week on the treadmill, elliptical, stair master, along with high knees, jumping jacks, and football drills. For weights the Push, Pull, Leg and leg day. I changed my workouts every 3-4 weeks.  I increased my weights weekly.

The 80 Pounds Lighter More Confident Me

Being stronger has made my life better.  I will be around for my kids.  I feel I have purpose. I have found something that I am confident and great at.  It gave me my new career path ( Personal Trainer).

I have confidence in myself that I never had before.  My kids have seen how hard I’ve worked to get healthy.  They have watched me train and not give up.  I have met some amazing people in the process.

I have lost is 80lbs.  I am proud of all that I’ve accomplished and the person I am today.



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Ray Binkowski is the former owner of a hybrid training gym, author (all of his titles are on Amazon), and trainer. He has lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for over 15 years. He has worked with thousands including professional athletes, police/fire/military, physique competitors, even corporations like 3M, and most often people looking to make a long term change in health, wellness, and weightloss.


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