Learn the 4 Must Look for points in the BEST Protein Bar for You

Trainer, Coach and Author Ray Binkowski and Dietitian Lisa Brandt discuss what is the best protein bars at Hyvee in Sycamore!

Learn the benefits of the different protein bars and the protein bar that is best for you!

Protein bars like all supplements are just that supplements. They are not a replacement to Whole Foods. They are a great way to make it convenient to grab a meal on the go, hit protein targets or balance macros if you are calculating them.

Learn to read your favorite protein bar label and look for those that have fiber and are not loaded with carbs and calories. BEWARE some are not better than a candy bar, and the candy bar costs quite a bit less!

This video covers some of the things to look for when shopping for a quality and great tasting protein bar.

Learn the 4 Must Look for points in the BEST Protein Bar for You:
*Look for bars that taste good.
*Fit your budget.
*Are low in Sugar… beware the sugar alcohols.
*Have some fiber 2-10 grams.

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