Maryline Paradis from Gaining 50 Pounds to Confident Role Model

I GAINED 50 Pounds!

Maryline Paradis Confident Role Model

It was in 2014 that I became a mom for the first time and gained 50 pounds. Pregnancy was a perfect excuse to eat everything I wanted, and I did. Post pregnancy I spent six months losing the weight. Then pregnancy number two and after that pregnancy number three. I had all three of my children close together and had a body full of stretch marks.

After giving birth the third time, I made myself a priority. Ashamed to look in the mirror and wanting to be a role model for my kids, it was time for a change.

The life of a mother of three young children is busy. Thoughts of giving up were a regular occurrence. My spouse is an entrepreneur and on a busy schedule. Making to train with children is challenging.

Hard Work and Disciple Make it Happen
Many times, I was tired and had to remind myself to push my limits. Working through the challenges of kids and time constraints gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride. There were plateaus where nothing was moving, my weight stayed frozen on the scales. Discipline over time allowed me to break the plateaus and make progress.

The Challenge of Stepping on Stage to SMASH Plateaus
In June I had my biggest weight plateau. Progress all but stopped. My soft stomach was still here. I was frustrated. It was time for motivation and to challenge myself. I had seen some women that had competed in fitness contest. I set my eyes on a contest in April.

The upcoming competition is keeping me motivated. In April I will step on stage in a swimsuit and heels with a big smile on my face knowing “I did it!”

My family and friends were encouraging. Through discipline and hard work, I just kept going. If there is a secret this is it, you just have to keep going.

Role Model with More Self-Confidence

I chose myself and regained my body. I am now a role model for my children. Today I have more self-confidence and know I can accomplish a lot.

I am often asked how I find the time. There is no finding time, I have to choose to make the time.

Today I know I can succeed and even in the face of difficulties in all areas of my life.

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