Number One Mistake in Health, Wellness and Weightloss and How to Avoid it!


Number One Mistake in Health, Wellness and Weightloss and How to Avoid it!


You set a goal.  Find a plan and get started.  You start making progress and are excited.  Clothes are fitting better, you feel great and best of all people are starting to take notice and they want to know what you are doing.


Then it happens.    What if you keep going all in and putting forth the effort and it quits working? What if you fail?  Just like everyone noticed your progress they will notice your failure.  Fear sets in and accelerates the self-sabotage.  You start questioning everything you are doing.  You stop doing the very things allowing you to make progress.  Results slow down, progress declines, eventually stops and you start to go backward.


Convinced the approach you were taking does not work you cast it aside.  In earnest you search for another approach.  What’s this over here…. Ooooh Shiny!    You convince yourself the new shiny object (insert trendy workout or diet here) is the missing link.


The mistake is not the approach.  The mistake is giving in to self-sabotage and convincing yourself you cannot be successful.  Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat there is more than one way to be healthy, well and to lose weight.  That being said NO approach works if you quit.  You have to stick with it.


Execute your plan and do it consistently.  Stop looking for the next ooooh shiny object (insert trendy workout or diet here).  Believe you can be successful.  It will not be easy, it will be worth it and it will work.  You just have to put in the work, stop finding reasons for it not to work, and stop looking at the new shiny objects (insert trendy workout or diet here).



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Ray Binkowski is the Former Owner of Fitworkz, DeKalb, a 24 hour hybrid fitness trainingcenter, author of several fitness and health books and the producer and host of the OCB Midwest States bodybuilding and fitness competition.  Most importantly to us, he is an expert on functional fitness that has consulted military, law enforcement, tactical entities, professional athletes and people from all walks of life to optimizing their physical readiness and capabilities.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University and various fitness certifications.  He is also a husband, father and loyal dog owner who does not appreciate clowns.


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