Professional Opera Singer Drops Pounds and Inches and Becomes Pioneer and Role Model to Women

     I’ve always had problems with my weight. Starting all the way back in college. My body loved to yo-yo.  2004 was my breaking point and needed to change my life after I found my mother dead. She dropped dead at 57 years old from a heart attack. She weighed over 320 pounds. I wasn’t that heavy but i was obese and was heading down that road because of unhealthy eating habits, minimal exercise, and drinking lots of alcohol.

My husband at the time and I decided to go on a diet and we did the Body for Life Program by Bill Phillips. I got down to my goal weight and got interested in taking my fitness goals to the next level by competing in fitness competitions. I competed for 7 years until I had a car accident that changed my life completely. I ended up with neck-back spinal injuries that forced me to retire from the sport.

I had to go to physical therapy for months and was told I was unable to do overhead movements, pull-ups, running or plyometrics. I got very discouraged and depressed. I was used to training all or nothing. I ended up quitting exercising and would emotionally eat. I ended up blowing up to over 200 pounds and couldn’t get the weight off for many years.

I tried losing weight numerous times and failed. I reached rock bottom.  I wanted to completely give up until one day I decided to change my mindset to positive thoughts and starting believing in myself through self help books, subliminal affirmations, solfeggio music, mediation, crystal therapy, prayer, and the Herbalife program.

The Herbalife program helped jump start my fitness goals and helped me to get to my goal weight. After I got to my goal weight, I decided I wanted to compete again and hired a trainer. I’m currently training for my comeback show in September with IFBB Pro Kelly Lynn. I will be doing a crossover physique/figure and plan to bring home some hardware and qualify for nationals.

Current Diet

  • Lean Protein
  • Green Vegetables
  • Complex Carbs


Current Training Program

  • Weights and Cardio six days per week


It has been a very long road but triumphant one.  My results are truly a miracle. I thought my fitness career was over because of my injuries and I essentially gave up on life until I change my mindset and then my whole world changed for the better. I’ve gained confidence, esteem, positive relationships, and boost in my music career.

   Being a professional opera singer demands a lot on the body stamina wise because Opera singers use their whole body to produce sound. Opera singers are essentially like athletes. When I was heavier, I would get tired easily, I had a lot of issues with supporting my sound and with my breath support because I was overweight. Now that I’ve lost the weight I have more energy and I’m able to sustain vocal phrases with ease and power.

I want to motivate and inspire others by sharing my story. I want to be a pioneer and role model to women and my 9 year old daughter. My future plans are to go back school to get my Doctorate in Music, write a book titled, “Overall Wellness for the Performing Singer”, compete in fitness competitions, be a personal trainer, and start my own line of exercise videos.

Yetta Mae Hansell
Professional Opera Singer










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