Recipes for Living Well, Healthy and to Lose Weight


I remember getting my first cook book.  I thought I had struck good.  A fat free cook book.  It was the 90s and fat free was the rage for those looking to drop pounds and inches.


I could not wait to get cooking.  When I got home from the book store (remember those?) I opened the book.  To my surprise the book was full of recipes requiring ingredients I did not have.


Epic failure.  So much for my new holy grail of fat loss recipe book.


Healthy Simple & Tasty is 220 pages of recipes that I make at my own house.  All have 6 or so ingredients that you will actually have in your kitchen.


The recipes are easy to make and taste great.


To help you get the most out of your nutrition in terms of health, wellness and yes even weightloss there are two sections to help you figure out how much food you should eat.  Calories, carbs, protein and fat and how much you should eat.  It is all in the book.


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