Rotisserie Chicken Wrap Recipe-Eat by Color Style!

IMG_0513How many times have you walked past one of these at the grocery store?  Probably every time at the store.  The rotisserie chicken is already cooked and ready to go.  You can do any number of things with one of these birds.  For the price and convenience they are a great lunch or dinner option…yes lunch!  If you work by a grocery store one of these birds can be lunch!  For less than a meal at a restaurant and less time too!

Shred the chicken…trim the skin and you will ditch most of the fat.  Put some olive oil in a frying pan.  Put the chick in the pan.  Add some of your favorite vegetables.  Saute and you have a meal.







Once the vegetables are starting to soften call it done.  This also will make a great wrap.  Once again I am in the tank for the Fold It’s! 

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