Secret to Wanting to Eat Your Vegetables!

These are vegetables. When was the last time you had some? Not out of a bag, but that started out looking like this fresh in the produce section?
You should eat your vegetables…. You can eat quite a bit of them for not many calories. I really realized this while doing the nutrition calculations for my new book Healthy Simple & Tasty, Recipes for Living Well. Vegetables also keep you regular, are loaded with water and vitamins/minerals.
I know who picks fresh vegetables over chips…. Get creative and you might start picking the vegetables. Creative is using infused oils and vinegars like Renee’s from Driftless Glen Distillery great on salads and more.
Chicken Ginger Lime Asparagus Page 84
Or on a great summer side like
Caprese Tomato Mozzarella Page 117
We have been making a weekly vegetable tray and using dips like in the new Healthy Simple & Tasty book…. Even some new recipes like Taco Ranch. Seriously get the vegetable tray out that typically only sees daylight on holiday. Wash and slice a ton of vegetables and make some dip. The whole family will end up snacking on vegetables from the tray for the better part of the week. Add some of the great dips like below.
Dipping Sweet Peppers and Ranch Page 193
High Protein Ranch Dip Page 202


Ray Binkowski has lost over 60 pounds and kept if off for over 20 years! He is the Former Owner of a 15,000 squat foot, 24 hour hybrid fitness training center, author of several fitness and health books and the producer and host of the OCB Midwest States bodybuilding and fitness competition. Most importantly to us, he is an expert on functional fitness that has consulted military, law enforcement, tactical entities, professional athletes and people from all walks of life to optimizing their physical readiness and capabilities. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University and various fitness certifications. He is also a husband, father and loyal dog owner who does not appreciate clowns.

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