Shenee Graham from Transformation to Physique Pro!

Shenee Graham

My Breaking Point


My breaking point was realizing my family’s health history was something that had caused several members of my family to pass away. My family’s health history is plagued with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and more.  If I did not change anything concerning my health, I could be next.


Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

There were obstacles of course, which included: self-doubt, feeling like I tried to get healthy before only to fail, and having a busy schedule. Things that I thought were hard, were really excuses I made up.  The excuses I made were the cause of my past failures with my health.  Slowly over time, I began to rid myself of the excuses.

My Biggest Struggle

Accepting that it took years of me making poor choices to be in the state that I was and that there would be no quick results was my biggest struggle. Taking notes from past failures, I begin to research and find ways to assist me in reaching my goals. This time I invested in myself and researched ways to do things better than I had before. I worked out for a while with resistance training and I also worked with a registered dietician. I still work with a registered dietician and follow a vegetarian diet now.

Time in the Gym

I love weight training/resistance training and mix of different styles of cardio.

Life is BETTER

Being stronger now, has made my life better on so many levels. My self-esteem and confidence have improved. My overall perspective on my health status and what it means to be healthy has changed. I am able to let others know my story and how fitness changed my life. I am able to help my family make better health decisions as well.

From being a body transformation contestant to becoming a professional figure athlete with OCB. All of the changes I have made have inspired me to want to help others around me. This lifestyle change has led me to become a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, launch my own online fitness business, Temple Fitness, LLC and currently working on my nutrition coaching certification to better serve others.  









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Ray Binkowski is the former owner of a hybrid training gym, author (all of his titles are on Amazon), and trainer. He has lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for over 15 years. He has worked with thousands including professional athletes, police/fire/military, physique competitors, even corporations like 3M, and most often people looking to make a long term change in health, wellness, and weightloss.


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