Sinful Apple Pie Alternative!

Apple Pie protein Shake……ULTRA YUM!

Fall is upon us.  Why not get “Eat by Color” creative and make healthy alternatives to the usual Fall foods?  Here is one….more will follow.

 Apple Pie IngredientsApple Ingredients 2


2 Honey Crisp Apples

12 Oz. Almond Milk, or home made Almond Milk

4 Scoops Vanilla Protein Powder (we only use Beverly Internationals products, in this case their UMP Vanilla)

Cinnamon to taste (1tbs.)

Dash of nutmeg

12 Ice Cubes


Place all ingredients in a blenderApple Pie in the blender

Blend, enjoy and use your favorite cup, mug, glass make it special because you are worth it.



 Apple Pie Done2


This made enough for two adults and one two and half year old.  All three loved it!!!  As good as apple pie with out the guilt, sugar, or empty calories.

A GREAT “Eat by Color” meal or snack!

“Eat by Color” is not a diet but instead teaches people to make better food choices for the rest of their lives!  It is as easy to follow and understand as children’s pain by number!  In fact if you can paint by number you can “Eat by Color” and lose weight!

This article is the courtesy of Raymond M. Binkowski former fat guy, author of “Eat by Color”, personal trainer and owner of FitWorkz. Its intent is to be shared. If sharing the previous following statement MUST be included any time this article is reproduced in part or entirety. So please feel free to share, you just might change a life! * * Twitter @eatbycolor * *

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