Top 3 Caloric Mistakes Sabotaging your Fatloss!

Top 3 Caloric Mistakes Sabotaging your Fatloss!



Calories matter. The Law of Conversation of Energy says energy in must equal energy out. In terms of weightloss this means that if the calories cross your lips they will fuel activity or end up on the hips.


There mistakes we see people trying to lose weight make are.


  • Cutting fat completely out.
  • Cutting carbs completely out.
  • Grossly undereating in an attempt to rapidly lose weight.



Eating fat will not make you fat. So don’t ditch all of the egg yolks, mixed nuts, and healthy oils. Fat plays a role in he production of hormones, can reduce inflammation and much more.



Carbs continue to get a bad rap. They are not the evil they are made out to be.   Now don’t misunderstand you can not grossly over eat carbs (or protein or fat for that matter) and expect to lose weight. See the energy law above…extra calories regardless of where they come from will end up stored as you guessed it fat. We see clients ditch all carbs…then wonder why their workouts are suffering and they are losing definition.


Dropping Calories Super Low

In an attempt to lose weight faster some say “if I lose weight eating 2200 calories I will lose even faster eating only 1200 calories.” Long term this does not work. You are not going to starve yourself into long term maintainable weightloss. You have to eat. Not even enough will actually slow metabolism.


So again calories matter. For those doing IIFYM or Macros or Flexible Dieting or whatever you want to call it where your macros come from also matters. If they didn’t you would not be eating ONLY protein. Or ONLY Carbs. Or Only Fats. Total calories matters and so does what macronutrient they come from.


If you are counting macros you are really counting calories a slightly different way. Which again… total calories matter whish is why you are limited to a certain number of grams of protein, carbs, and protein.


The above three reasons are why we often see weightloss coaches, gurus, trainers stating they have a new client that was working with someone previously that recommended they do not eat fat, carbs, or very low calories. In almost two decades of working with people experience says more often or not the client took the first coaches advice and then starting making one or all of the three mistakes above. Rather than take responsibility for their lack of results blame falls with their old coach or guru.

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