Understanding Calories for Weightloss as Simple as Pouring Water in a Jar

Keto, Macros, Eat by Color, IIFYM, Flexible Dieting and Every Diet or Food Plan


Weightloss and weight management really is easy.  It comes down to spening more energy then you consume. Understanding Calories for Weightloss as Simple as Pouring Water in a Jar for Keto, Macros, Eat by Color, IIFYM, Flexible Dieting and Every Diet or Food Plan.


Here is a simple way to look at weightloss and weight management.


Say water represents calories.  A glass mason jar represents how many calories you need every day.  If you fill the jar to the top but do not over flow it the water stays in the jar.  If you try and pour more water into the jar then the jar will allow, the water will overflow.  It does not matter when you will the jar.   All at once, or over the course of the day.  As long as you do not over fill the jar, nothing will over flow.


If you over consumer calories the extra calories will over flow some place, and that place is bodyfat.  It is that easy.  As long as you do not over consumer calories you will maintain weight.  If you consume less calories then you need the extra calories have to come from some place and that some place is once again fat.


Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It is called the law of conservation of energy.


Calories come first when it comes to managing or losing weight.  Where the calories come from comes second.


Keto, Macros, Eat by Color,  IIFYM, and every other approach to eating to manage or lose weight works as long as calories are managed.  Under fill the jar and you will lose weight.  Over fill the jar and you will gain weight.  Fill to the top with out over filling the jar and weight stays the same. The real secret is whether or not the approach to eating can be followed long term.



Ray Binkowski is a former fat guy that has lost 60 lbs and kept it off for 20 years.  Ray has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked in that field for some time.  In his free time he helped others struggling to lose weight and get healthy.  This lead to the starting a training business and then the purchase of a health club.   In addition he is an author, blogger, promotes two fitness contests and even had his own radio show.


As an Author…

In an effort to share a simple approach to making better food choices he wrote Eat by Color.  Eat by Color is available in print and e formats on Amazon.com.  Eat by Color codes type of food by color and makes eating to lose and maintain weight as simple as children’s paint by number.


Get Fit and Live Healthy followed Eat by Color and is a collection of almost two decades of tips and tricks Ray has seen many use to be successful in their quest for health, wellness and weightless


The third title Exercise Galore, The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Training is a how to weight train.  The book is intended to be read in digital format like that of a Kindle as there is a video for each exercise. In addition, readers learn how to build in a plug and play fashion their own result producing workouts.


In addition to books he has written and ghost written articles for magazine and other print mediums.


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Training Center Owner…

Ray owns Fitworkz a 24-7 hybrid training gym in DeKalb, Illinois.  The 15,000 square foot facility is located in Northern Illinois. FitWorkz is a hybrid training gym offering cardio, machines, and free weights including 4 sets of dumbells, squat racks and more!  Plus there is over 3,000 square feet of functional training space offering bumper plates, Rogue rack, tires, kettlebells, TRX and MORE!  It is open 24-7 and is located in Northwest Illinois in DeKalb. 24 hour gym DeKalb Illinois serving DeKalb and Sycamore.




Training Clients…

He has consulted and trained military, law enforcement, tactical entities, professional athletes, pageant winners,  Blue Chip companies, and people from all walks of life to optimizing their physical readiness and capabilities.


On youtube Ray has shared his experience, tips, advice and other tools to help people reach their goals. To date there are over 1500 videos on his youtube channel youtube.com/fitworkzdekalb.



After requests to make content portable he started turning his content into video and audio podcasts. On Get Fit and Live Healthy with Raymond Binkowski contact becomes portable.  Plus if you dig deep in the pod casts you will find some of his radio shows content.







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