Want to Lose 40 lbs? Bob did, So can YOU!

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From a 40 inch waist to a 35 inch waist.

Every great once and a while I get a surprise out of nowhere.

That is what happened with Bob.  I know him, his wife, and kids.  Have for some time.   A post showed up on Facebook from Bob, he was following “Eat by Color” and was killing it losing weight.


I had no idea he was following the “Eat by Color” system from my book!

Here is the post I saw on December 12, 2012 on Bob’s page

“My bathroom scale reads to the 10th and said 201.8 today. That’s -38.2 since Sept.7th. 11.8 more (New Goal) Thanks to EAT BY COLOR. p.s. I was not compensated in any way to say that. A new lifestyle (with certain allowances when I reach 190) Yay me.”

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week.  Bob showed up to see me at FitWorkz…I was walking up to the front counter with a client and stated “wow you look like a new person!” when I saw him!

In his words

“I went from a “fooling myself” 38 to a 35 inch waist.  Fooling because I really did not fit into the 38’s but if I wore them low enough on my waist I could squeeze in,  reality was  a size 40 actually fit.”

“As a coach I used to spend a lot of time standing on one place yelling.  I now do double sessions and actively participate with the athletes in each activity.  It is clear they have a new respect for me as I am asking them to do something that I am alongside them doing.”

“I now look in the mirror and can smile or grunt with a sense of satisfaction, before that was just a depressing start to the day.”

On plans for the future…

“I don’t plan to change much.  Just continue to cement my changes into a permanent lifestyle.”

On “Eat by Color”

“Eat by Color” clicked for me.  The book didn’t insult my intelligence; it simplified a lot of what I already knew.  I particularly liked the restaurant guide.  Understanding why diets fail and knowing that I could actually eat and not starve my way to a better body was the sell.

Are you ready to change?  Click to get your “Eat by Color” and get started today!

What are you waiting for?  It has worked for Bob and others.  It will work for you too!

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