Yogurt Protein Parfait Recipe

Yogurt Protein Parfait



Yogurt Protein Parfait Recipe. Easy to make, tastes great, high protein, super healthy yogurt protein parfait.



1 Scoop of Protein

1 Cup Low Calorie Vanilla Greek Yogurt

½ Cup Handful of Frozen Mixed or Blueberries

1 TBS Flax Oil, Seed or Meal

4 Ounces of Water


Mix all of the above.  Easy way to start the day with protein, anti-oxidant and fiber rich blueberries, healthy fat and fiber from the flax, and the good bacteria from the Greek yogurt.


Yogurt Protein Parfait
Servings 1
  Per Serving
Calories 345
Fat g 5
Saturated Fat g 1
Cholesterol mg 10
Carbohydrates g 35
Fiber g 12
Sugar g 14
Protein g 40
Sodium mg 200



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