Low Carb Wrap-Eat by Color Style

IMG_0995Left overs can get mundane but they do not have to.   Sometimes eating the same thing a few days in a row can lead to  binging on something you really should not have.  Keep it interesting.  Here is one way to do that.  Turn that left over crock pot/slow cooker shredded chicken into an incredible wrap!


Shredded Chicken (left over from crock pot meal)

Bag of frozen vegetables (left over as well)

Olive Oil

CaptureCombine chicken, veggies, and oil in sauce pan.  Saute.  Then get your flat out or fold it wrap and wrap it up.  Done!  Great tasting low carb wrap using left overs in minutes time!  Top with some cheese, hot sauce, or even guacamole!



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